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Be Interesting

Posted on: January 5th, 2017 | by Bill Kenney

LLV Demo Day 130626If you want somebody to be interested in you then you need to be interesting. Ecosystems and event organizers all around the world are hosting events to attract investors for local ventures. While this is an admirable endeavor it is creating significant marketplace inefficiencies.

What are investors interested in? To generalize, investors are interested in minimizing risk and maximizing return. Yet the events that they are PULLED to have only a small minority of ventures that are investable. This isn’t to say that these are bad ventures. Many are fine potential businesses but most will not grow fast enough or to a significant enough size to give an investor a reasonable return on their capital.

What then makes a venture interesting? What helps de-risk an investment? What will make investors PUSH to be included in your events and community? The answer is simple…ventures with CUSTOMERS!

This is just a quick sample of one of the topics that we’ll be talking about in the January 19 webinar The Entrepreneur Communities Crazy Focus on Investment vs. Customers. Learn more and join us here.