Questions to date for – Judging Nightmares…Make your judging reliable and informative!

Posted on: March 17th, 2016 | by Bill Kenney

Here’s a quick highlight of participant questions that have already been posed so far for the March 24, 2016 webinar – Judging Nightmares…Make your judging reliable and informative!. For more details or to register click here.

The question we posed:
What questions or challenges do you have related to managing/administering effective judging?

  • How to maintain consistency in judging across many different projects and with different judges?
  • How do you maintain simplicity in criteria?
  • Is there a way to make it statistically accurate?
  • How do you developing an effective rating system and score sheet – especially given conflicting priorities among my judges?
  • It is our first time in implementing the program we will use judging for so just general questions about managing and administering effective judging would be great!
  • How do we get judges to stay within the allotted time frame?
  • Getting judges on the same page and focused on our criteria rather their their own.
  • How do you ensure that judges stick to your criteria and not their internal biases?
  • Are there any software or other tools that can be used to make the judging process easier for the judges and add transparency to the process for both the judges and the participants?
  • I am interested in learning about your best practices
  • Interested in modern perspectives and insights to enhance my judging participation
  • Not enough time or thought put into the criterion by the judges as a group. Typically facilitator gives a sheet to fill out and then judges begin to argue about what each one meant in relation to their pre-conceived notions.
  • How do you deal with judges who may not understand a particular industry but will write off an idea because they don’t understand rather than asking more questions?
  • How do you make sure judges are prepared and have read background information?
  • We have a program where we work with early stage technologists, but our Judges are used to seeing later-staged startups seeking funding, so their expectations about what makes a good team do not always line up with what our program is designed to do.
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