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Questions to date for – Building Community: How to Diversify Beyond the Usual Suspects

Posted on: June 14th, 2016 | by tmpadmin

Here’s a quick highlight of participant questions that have been posed so far for the June 23, 2016 webinar – Building Community: How to Diversify Beyond the Usual Suspects. For more details or to register click here.

The question we posed:
What questions or challenges do you have related to improving your community engagement, size, quality and/or diversity?

The questions our participants have asked:

  • Tell me all your secrets!
  • How to engage the community?
  • How to generate better event attendance
  • We’re working to improve community engagement with demographic groups that aren’t necessarily part of our community. How do we gain their trust?
  • Increasing engagement opportunities, getting sponsors for events are key challenges.
  • What does a typical plan look like for building out diversity in a community, and how long is the process of building these relationships?
  • We have an alumni community that grows naturally, and that is naturally diverse in terms of size and industry, but we have difficulty driving engagement in our online space as well as event attendance.
  • Seeking tips on how to foster diversity genuine, authentic way for a large-scale local community event.
  • How do we grow and scale our community as well as improve outcomes?

  • We struggle with the balance of our events. By having such a diverse group of members it is difficult to cater to all of their stages, industries and relevant needs. How do you provide consistently relevant yet enticing content without over-saturating your entrepreneurs with too many events?

  • How to reach into the “corners” of the community and cross network boundaries?

  • How do you sustain online engagement?

  • How do I encourage beneficiaries to become active participants in the community? (Moving them beyond free rider status)

  • How do you build diversification of event participants?

  • How do I create better attendance?

  • I’m the Executive Producer of an annual entrepreneurship festival that engages 10,000+ individuals each year. We’ve been great at scale but have struggled with diversity, despite our best intentions. What are the drivers to increase diverse attendance? And how do you make diversity an organizational priority that each employee connects with?
  • How to reach outside of your pre-existing bubble?
  • Building on successful initial start. Maintaining energy and building program locally and across multiple locations.
  • Space and cost
  • How to engage more volunteers so we avoid current volunteer fatigue?

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