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Questions to date for – Mentor Magic: Overcome Common Mentor Program Challenges!

Posted on: May 23rd, 2016 | by tmpadmin

Here’s a quick highlight of participant questions that have already been posed so far for the May 26, 2016 webinar – Mentor Magic: Overcome Common Mentor Program Challenges!. For more details or to register click here.

The question we posed:
What questions or challenges do you have related to developing an effective mentor program for your organization?


  • How do you recruit quality mentors?
  • How do you attract the mentors you need Vs the ones who volunteer?
  • How do you handle attrition?
  • How to keep volunteer mentors engaged?
  • How do we communicate efficiently and receive responses from mentors?
  • How can we create value for mentors in terms of training and keeping them up to date with the latest news from the startup world?
  • How do we connect mentors with helpful resources?


  • How do you get started in building a mentor program?
  • How are mentors and mentor networks managed in schools, via an individual school or centrally within the university?


  • How do we mentor match with a good fit for the mentor and the mentee based on personality and skills, etc?
  • How do you handle scheduling meetings between mentors/mentees?
  • How do you keep the start up people motivated to learn more and get out and talk to people, customer discovery?
  • Who actually pairs the mentors/mentees?
  • How can a mentor help with the success development of a startup?
  • How much interaction does mentor program director need to have with individual mentor/mentee relationship?


  • We´re a mentor network in Venezuela, I want to learn about methods to develop, execute and control the program
  • How do you maintain consistent quality among the mentor community?
  • How do you handle mentors are not doing their role effectively?
  • How do you hold mentors accountable when they are volunteering their time?
  • Regarding capacity, how much oversight is needed to facilitate a successful mentor relationship?
  • What infrastructure is needed to manage a mentor/mentee network?
  • How do you keep track of what type of mentoring people want to do, successfully match mentors with companies and track the effectiveness of mentors?
  • How can I better track my mentor partnerships while they are in progress?
  • How do we track mentor time/interactions (as a non profit, reporting is an issue)?
  • What are some of the recommended tools for tracking/reporting mentor-mentee engagement


  • Not so much a question as much as I would like access to networks of mentors who can model best practices. (resources)
  • How can I become a better mentor?