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Questions to Date – Criteria Conundrum: Developing Your Ultimate Rubric

Posted on: January 13th, 2016 | by Bill Kenney

Here’s a quick highlight of participant questions that have already been posed so far for the January 22, 2016 webinar – Criteria Conundrum: Developing Your Ultimate Rubric. For more details or to register click here.

The question we posed
What questions or challenges do you have related to developing the effective criteria?

The responses to-date

  • How do we get untrained judges to use rubrics reliably and quickly?
  • How to override the judges’ own biases?
  • How to have an efficient system that taps into key competencies of students and is easily understood by a diverse judging team.
  • When judges are exposed to multiple pitches back to back, the baseline for how the pitches are ranked starts to shift. If the first team had an strong performance they might be scoring the one right after that a bit more harshly compared to the rest. The same problem if the opposite happens, a weak team making an average performance after have inflated numbers. What happens is judging scores, tallied up end up looking a bit skewed and judges would prefer to discuss the results vs. relying purely on the numerical scores?

  • Are there differences between criteria to evaluate pitch competitions and for adult in class presentations?
  • How do you best create consistency in the application of criteria?
  • How do you get all judges to use the same scale when completing the rubric?
  • How do you adjust the criteria based upon the audience?
  • What are the top 3 steps to creating valuable criteria?
  • What makes criteria effective?
  • As our programs have undergone various evolutions, first starting with rigorous and multiple (maybe onerous) criteria, we have had to “water down” our criteria in an attempt to get more people to take part in a program. This is frustrating and in the end cheapens program value. How do we create meaningful criteria that is both objective and simple?
  • How to communicate criteria so that judges interpret it the way we meant them to?
  • How to picking criteria that are correct?
  • How to adapt criteria to compensate for the natural irrational human factor?
  • What are the most important elements to include in innovator/innovation assessment criteria?
  • We are coordinating two grant processes this year. What are the best practices for judging and comparing proposals?

Responses outside the topic area

  • What is the most powerful opening / statement pertaining to a sales pitch? By whom? Is it used for every sale?

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