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Community Building Preliminary Vision

Posted on: May 17th, 2015 | by Bill Kenney

Organizers who embark on new community building efforts benefit considerably by being clear about their goals before they include others in the conversation. While the preliminary vision may evolve as you include others, it will be the “true north” that informs and engages the initial stakeholders.

Follow these steps to set your preliminary vision:

  • Think forward 3-5 years. If your community is now functioning as you wish,

    • What would be happening? What activities would there be?

    • Who would be involved? How diverse and engaged would your community be?

    • What would they be doing? What would be the results of these activities?

    • What results would be accruing? What would be the impact of your efforts?

  • From these ingredients, draft a clear, cogent statement that represents your vision. Keep it simple and high level. Your goal is to write something that you believe will tap into the shared self-interest of all of your target stakeholders.