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Fun Podcast on Self-Introduction with Ely Delaney of Driving You Marketing

Posted on: August 16th, 2013 | by Bill Kenney

billheadshotjf2Learn what makes great self-introduction.

Here are some the topics that we discussed:

  • How leading business networking organization showed Bill the rights and wrongs of a great introduction pitch

  • The art of speaking briefly

  • What language you are likely using that is hurting you and you don’t even know it

  • The three types of introductions

  • The biggest challenge most networkers have and how to overcome it.

  • And much, much more…

Link to podcast

10 Tips for Being Awesome on Your Video Pitch

Posted on: August 7th, 2013 | by Bill Kenney

Video has become the next big thing in personal branding — just look at the success and popularity of apps like Vine and now Instagram video. But beyond just trying to become the next YouTube sensation, people have transformed it into a great platform for job searches. Video résumés have become a way to grab the attention of potential employers, and video calls via Skype have become the norm for long distance job interviews.

Jared Matthew Weiss had a regular spot on The Today Show, a column in Shape Magazine and has consulted over 800 clients worldwide on how to reach their potential. He founded Overture, a company that produces short, chic black-and-white videos designed to capture your story and share it with the world. The personal branding expert was kind enough to sit down and share 10 important tips that will help set your personal video apart from others.

How You Look

  • Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself – Have some fun with your wardrobe and be sure it reflects your personality. Choose comfortable clothing that showcases the real “you.” To make a slightly more formal statement, a suit and tie or blouse and skirt is perfect. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Feeling good about yourself is key. And it will show.
  • Mom Was Right: Sit Up Straight – The camera exaggerates everything because there is nothing to distract the viewer. If your posture is poor, viewers will think you’ve checked out and lost interest. Your body should convey your energy and intelligence without being stiff and robotic.
  • Watch Your Body Language – Everyone Else Will – Weiss speaks from personal experience on this one. Throughout his first live television segment he was unaware of the fact that he was impulsively rubbing his leg to calm his nerves. Find a good place for your hands so they aren’t distracting to viewers.
  • Smile With Your Eyes – A warm and genuine smile does wonders for coming across as sincere and confident. But flashing those pearly whites is only part of the key to smiling. The eyes can dictate whether a smile is real or forced. In this case, crow’s feet can be a good thing.

How You Sound

  • Use Your Natural Voice – While some of us admit to practicing our news anchor voices, leave that “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America” voice at home. Be yourself and speak to the camera like it was your best friend. Not only is it more natural, but it’s what people expect. You want your video to reflect who you are, not Brian Williams.

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