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Questions to date for: The Entrepreneur Communities Crazy Focus on Investment Versus Customers

Posted on: January 16th, 2017 | by tmpadmin

Here’s a quick highlight of some participant questions that have been posed for this week’s webinar – The Entrepreneur Communities Crazy Focus on Investment Versus Customers. For more details or to register click here.

The question we posed:

  • What questions or challenges do you have related to focusing your students & entrepreneurs on customer discovery and customer development?

Some of the questions our participants have asked:

  • What techniques work best in getting students to focus on customer discovery and customer development? How have you redone your competitions to reflect the focus on customer discovery and customer development?
  • Last year, I prepared a feasibility study for a group interested in having an entrepreneurial event/pitch.  My research matched exactly what you are saying so the event was postponed. I am interested in hearing this webinar. In Dallas, our accelerators that are not university backed are struggling. Are university backed incubators/accelerators the only ones that will survive because the university rather than the market has more tolerance for risk?
  • How do we get our ventures to do appropriate research such as contacting at least 50 contacts who you share your innovation with and get their feedback?
  • How do we get beyond the “glamorization” of raising a round of funding and showing them that there are other ways to access capital?
  • Great topic as you’ve laid it out people get fixated on the wrong metrics and look for short term cash flow vs long term marketplace traction
  • Too much focus on the product and how it should be delivered vs. how it can be delivered in a way that addresses a clearly articulated and defined problem.
  • Our organization is funded by sponsorships and metrics based on ventures getting investments. How do we re-focus and keep everyone engaged?
  • Getting students to think realistically?
  • Our founders struggle with asking customers questions in such a way that they avoid receiving false positives?
  • Convincing students (and other organizers) of the value of customer discovery is a challenge?
  • How do I maximize customer advice?

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Be Interesting

Posted on: January 5th, 2017 | by Bill Kenney

LLV Demo Day 130626If you want somebody to be interested in you then you need to be interesting. Ecosystems and event organizers all around the world are hosting events to attract investors for local ventures. While this is an admirable endeavor it is creating significant marketplace inefficiencies.

What are investors interested in? To generalize, investors are interested in minimizing risk and maximizing return. Yet the events that they are PULLED to have only a small minority of ventures that are investable. This isn’t to say that these are bad ventures. Many are fine potential businesses but most will not grow fast enough or to a significant enough size to give an investor a reasonable return on their capital.

What then makes a venture interesting? What helps de-risk an investment? What will make investors PUSH to be included in your events and community? The answer is simple…ventures with CUSTOMERS!

This is just a quick sample of one of the topics that we’ll be talking about in the January 19 webinar The Entrepreneur Communities Crazy Focus on Investment vs. Customers. Learn more and join us here.

Present with a Purpose

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 | by tmpadmin

Originally posted by Seth Godin.

To make a change happen.

No change, no point. A presentation that doesn’t seek to make change is a waste of time and energy.

Before you start working on your presentation, the two-part question to answer is, “who will be changed by this work, and what is the change I seek?


The answer can be dramatic, “I want this six million dollar project approved.”

More likely, it can be subtle, “I want Bob to respect me more than he does.”

Most often, it’s, “I want to start a process that leads to action.”

If all you’re hoping for is to survive the ordeal, or to amuse and delight the crowd, then you’re not making a presentation, you’re merely an entertainer, or worse, wasting people’s time.

Change, of course, opens doors, it creates possibilities and it’s fraught with danger and apparent risk.

 Much easier to deny this than it is to embrace it.

Every element of your presentation (the room, the attendees, the length, the tone) exists for just one reason: to make it more likely that you will achieve the change you seek. If it doesn’t do that, replace it with something that does.

And of course, you can’t change everyone the same way at the same time. One more reason to carefully curate your audience with your intent in mind.

If you fail to make change, you’ve failed. If you do make change, you’ve opened the possibility you’ll be responsible for a bad decision or part of a project that doesn’t work. No wonder it’s frightening and far easier to just do a lousy presentation.

But you won’t. Because the change matters.

Test My Pitch Client Fusion Cross-Media Wins Cox Business Pitch Competition!

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 | by tmpadmin

photo by Jennifer Fiereck

Fusion Cross-Media of Manchester Wins Cox Business’s “Get Started CT” Pitch Competition by using Test My Pitch’s PitchAssist service.

Local Company Won the “Shark Tank-like” Competition at the 2013 Connecticut Business Expo

Hartford, CT – Fusion Cross-Media, a marketing firm based in Manchester, has won Cox Business’sGet Started CT” contest, a Shark Tank-like competition in which local entrepreneurs pitched their business and product ideas to a panel of experts for a chance to win a $5,000 technology package.

Cox Business partnered with Inc. Magazine on the event, which took place live on the show floor of the 2013 Connecticut Business Expo. Get Started CT was co-sponsored by Mozy.

photo by Jennifer Fiereck

photo by Jennifer Fiereck

Fusion Cross-Media, – which creates actionable, cross-media strategies to help businesses better align marketing, sales, and operations – was chosen from among five entrepreneurs for its product’s innovation, ease of implementation, and the potential benefits to the local community.

“The success of local businesses like Fusion Cross-Media benefits the entire community, and we are committed to helping them grow,” said Mark Scott, vice president of Cox Business Northeast. “We are thrilled to provide Zachary and his team with this technology package, and sincerely hope all of the contest participants learned from this unique experience.”

Zachary Schwartz, Creative Executive Officer at Fusion, pitched to the judges. Fusion’s concept is a turnkey, mobile guest experience management solution that encourages restaurant patrons to engage with the establishment in real time – before they post to Yelp or other social feedback aggregators. This allows staff to respond immediately and manage the message.

This “5Star Guest Experience” solution also connects guests via social media, allowing them to share their positive experiences with friends, creating a community around the restaurant’s brand.

Fusion Cross-Media used the Test My Pitch platform and our PitchAssist service to draft and get expedited feedback on their pitch. Though just a couple of rounds of edits and coaching the winning pitch was revealed. To get started on using Test My Pitch for FREE to draft your pitch click here.

Venture capitalist Josh Linkner (@joshlinkner), CEO of eTouches and “Inc. 5000” winner Lenora Valvo (@etouchesCEO), inbound marketing expert David Donlan (@ddonlan) of HubSpot, and editor of The Hartford Business Journal, Norm Bell (@HartfordBiz) provided the expert, real-time feedback to the entrepreneur “contestants.” Eric Markowitz (@EricMarkowitz) of Inc. moderated the discussion.

Other participating entrepreneurs included Say it Forward+Co. of Cheshire, MeetingKing of Tolland, Nomad’s Adventure Quest of South Windsor, and Great Blue Research of Meriden.